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O Omata One é velocímetro de bicicleta um pouco enganador. Claro que se parece com um medidor de dados simples, mas o Omata não é simples em nada. Atrás dos três mostradores, alojados numa caixa de alumínio liso, é um computador...
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A Herança do Alentejo
Férias em bicicleta pelos Açores
Férias em bicicleta pelos Açores
Preço actual:
Desde / Desde £795,00
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Com guia
Terreno :
Duração :
8 days / 8 dias
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-Whole year - Ano inteiro

DEPARTURES: This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements
PRICE: From £795 - £855 (8 days) excluding flights
Price includes: Place to place, 7 nights hotel, breakfast provided, 5-6 days biking, route notes and maps provided, luggage transfers. Optional: Bike Hire £140, Insurance - £34. Estimated flight cost £325

An easy paced self guided biking holiday to the beautiful islands and archipelago of the Azores. Located almost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores is the western most point of Europe. The volcanic origins of the islands are reflected in the mountains and valleys covered by a rich and varied vegetation, lakes in ancient volcano craters, natural swimming pools by the sea and black sandy beaches, active steaming fumaroles, thermal hot water cascades and fountains.

Your trip starts following arrival into Ponta Delgada, which is situated on the largest of the Azores islands, Sao Miguel or as it is more commonly known, The Green Island, due to its vibrant colour and dense vegetation.

It is here that you will spend your first few days exploring the close-by trails of the west side of the island. These include the volcanic complex of Sete Cidades, with its amazing Blue and Green lakes and heated pools of Ferraria where you can enjoy a swim. During these initial days you can also visit Pinhal da Paz Park with its abundance of lush fauna, much of which is endemic to the Azores.

We also explore the north coast of the island and Ribeirinha. The cycling route allows you the chance to scour the ocean for whales, from dry land this time from one of the vigias. Today we also visit the beautiful viewpoint of Miradouro de Santa Iria.

Mid-point of the week and we have scheduled in a optional non-cycling day. With the Azores famous for whales and dolphins, you can swap your cycling shades for binoculars and head out on a boat for a spot of whale watching in the morning. In the afternoon there is the option of a jeep safari to Caldeira Velha - a hot waterfall in which it is possible to bathe.

You also visit the village of Furnas where you stay for two evenings. From Furnas you are well placed to really experience the volcanic origins of the Island around Furnas Lake, Caldeiras da Lagoa and the fumaroles as well as time to explore the botanical gardens.

Your final day of cycling takes you from Povoacao towards Nordeste a great cycling journey through the amazing forestland of the Tronqueira. Your final day ends the trip in style - lovely cycling, amazing views over the whole island and the ocean and a visit to the Gorreana Tea plantation.

If you would prefer to join a group, we also have a guided version of this trip. Contact us for dates and prices.

Day-by-day itinerary
Day 1:
Following your arrival at Ponta Delgada airport you will be transferred the short distance to your charming hotel in the centre of Ponta Delgada. Once suitably settled in, we will meet you to provide your route notes and detailed schedule for your time in the Azores. At this point you will also be given your hire bikes (if you haven’t brought your own along). The remainder of the day is yours to spend as leisure exploring the town. In the evening you will be able to sample your first meal in the Azores at one of the many small restaurants in the centre.

Day 2:
Today you will cycle close to the north coast of the island. We will transfer you to the starting point for today’s ride, to Santa Bárbara beach in Ribeira Grande. You’ll head along the coast for a short time before heading inland and taking the countryside lanes (some up hills!) until reaching a vigia. These ‘viewpoints’ were where whales used to be sighted when whale hunting was still allowed in the Azores. Since 1986 this hunting has now been outlawed, with the emphasis in the Azores now very much on conservation. Afterwards you pass-by one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the Azores – Miradouro de Santa Iria. From this lofty vantage point you’ll have great views across the Atlantic Ocean as well as to the nearby surfers beach of Santa Iria and the Thermal Baths of Santa Iria precariously situated on the cliffs below. The viewpoint makes for a great snack spot before you continue your way a little higher. Following quiet country lanes with elegant plane trees you are now heading to Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande reached after a peculiar cobbled road sided by sycamores and a meandering stream. Once the Caldeiras valley is reached you can feel the micro climate of this area and witness the endemic Laurissilva vegetation. Once at Caldeiras you will find a number of fumaroles, a mineral water spring and a bubbling water pool …certainly not one to bathe in!! There is also a small cafe too (not always open!!). There is of course time set aside to visit the fumaroles (openings in a planet’s crust from where steam is emitted) where it is worth spending some time and taking a snack. A slight uphill de-tour will take you to the dam of Fajã do Redondo and from here there is a fun descent (off road on hard packed earth) which takes you to Ribeira Grande City. Or you could head back to the nearby Santa Bárbara beach for a dip! We can pick you up from either spot for your return transfer to your Ponta Delgada hotel.

Day 3:
Heading out today from Ponta Delgada we’ve a couple of nice options today to choose from or you may wish to do both of them. A – After negotiating Ponta Delgada’s narrow streets you’ll quickly be on the sea-front from where you can pick-up a new traffic-free cycle path that will take you to the small town of Sao Roque before taking quiet lanes all the way to Lagoa. Once in Lagoa village you might be able to spot the local fishermen returning home in their traditional boats, or unloading their catch. Lagoa also makes for a nice lunch-spot and you can either try out one of the small restaurants by the harbour or buy supplies in the town itself. Lagoa also has some natural swimming pools by/in the sea should you fancy a dip. From here you can proceed eastwards for Vila de Agua de Pau, another nice settlement on the south of the island. After exploring the town you can go down towards the coastline to Caloura, a summer destination for the locals with a microclimate and very interesting vegetation by the sea. Afterwards you will turn around and head back to Ponta Delgada retracing your route of earlier. Of course you may wish to drop into Lagoa for a swim or take your evening meal at a great sea-food restaurant at “Cais 20” which you’ll pass by as you near Ponta Delgada. At the start of the day, you may also wish to head a little westwards to Relva before heading along the coast to Lagoa and Vila de Agua de Pau. This adds on around 10 extra kms. or B – Heading away from the coast, you’ll soon be out of the centre of Ponta Delgada and after winding your way through the landscaped grounds of its nature park, start your pedalling to Pinhal da Paz Park. Once here at the park you will be able to see the diverse types of local vegetation such as Japanese cedars, azaleas, bamboos, faya tree, acacias, pines, cactus, palm trees, ferns, camellias, and laurels and it makes for a nice place to relax. From here you can head back to Ponta Delgada following a different route. Overnight in Ponta Delgada.

Day 4:
Today we will pick you up at the hotel after breakfast and then transfer you to Sete Cidades where you start your ride from. Your cycling today explores the western side of São Miguel and the volcanic complex of Sete Cidades. During today’s ride you will have the opportunity to learn about the fauna, flora, history, volcanic formation of the island, and of course, read in your notes of the legendary love story behind the formation of the lakes of Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Verde. Along the route you’ll have superb views over the several lakes and the coastline as you pedal around the rim of the craters. It’s great cycling, and we suggest lunch is taken on the shore of the Blue Lake of Sete Cidades after your descent from the crater. With this in mind, we advise that you buy a few supplies in Ponta Delgada before you set off. Following lunch you may wish to explore the tranquil (and flat) lakeside routes before heading to the small village of Mosteiros where you are able to visit the church of Igreja São Nicolau and take a coffee at the small cafe / restaurant. From here a steady uphill asphalt ride will take you to a nice viewpoint (great views back to the lakes) before you descend to the southern coastline. Once here you’ll be at another nice viewpoint, which is now used for spotting whales and dolphins. From here you will be able to spot Ferraria. After descending to the small town of Ferraria, a steep descent takes you to the coast with its arrival there signifying the end of today’s ride. There’s a treat in store now as it’s time to switch from your cycling kit and into your swimming costumes for a bath in a swimming pool by the sea. Heated by a volcanic crack it’s a great place to relax after a day in the saddle. With the heat of the water dictated by the tide times (low tide is best) we’ll do our best to make sure you know when it is best to arrive. However, you’ll be pleased to know that there is also a man-made naturally heated pool too, which is equally as warm and also better for less experienced swimmers. Once dried off we’ll load up your bikes and whisk you back to your hotel in Ponta Delgada. The hotel has a nice pool, if you are still full of energy and a great restaurant too where you may wish to eat this evening or alternatively there are lots of eating options nearby to explore. Overnight in Ponta Delgada.

Day 5:
Today has been scheduled in as a rest day / optional activities day. Morning – Whale Watching Option: (3 hours approx.) Following breakfast, you will be picked up at the hotel at 08.30 for your short journey to Marina Pêro de Teive. During your time at sea (3hrs) you will have the opportunity to watch some of more than twenty species of whales, dolphins, and other marine life that can be found in the Azores. Before the boat trip there will be a briefing to explain which species are likely to be observed as well as information about conservation, whaling history and of course safety procedures on board the boat. The waters around the Azores have several resident dolphins such as the Short-beaked Common Dolphin, the Common Bottlenose Dolphin and Risso’s dolphin as well as yearly summer guests like the Atlantic Spotted Dolphin and the Striped Dolphin. Although the Sperm Whale is the whale seen most frequently, you might also see migrating Baleen whales, among them the Blue Whale, especially during early spring to late summer, as well as more rare encounters with Pilot Whales and even Orcas / Killer Whales. Tonight you will be staying in a hotel in the village of Furnas. Your luggage and yourselves will be transferred from Ponta Delgada at a pre agreed time. Afternoon – Jeep Safari Option: (3.5 hours approx.) Collection at 14:00 for a wonderful jeep safari combining highland and flatland and the nature of the Azores at its best. The safari includes time at the fascinating landscapes of Lagoa do Fogo (Fire Lake) located in the centre of the island and one of the island’s main attractions. This huge blue lake is around 2km long and 1km wide and fills the ground of an extinct crater, whose caldera was formed during an eruption in 1563. Surrounded by high mountains and luxuriant endemic vegetation, this mystical lake is now a nature reserve. You will also spend time at Caldeira Velha, a warm waterfall where you are able to bathe in its steaming waters. During the trip you’ll also stop in Ribeira Grande city and visit to the local liquor factory. Of course, you may wish to just relax completely for the day! Please note that should conditions not be suitable for whale watching then we may alter timings / move to the afternoon or even switch days around so as to give you the best opportunity to undertake the whale watching. Overnight in Furnas.

Day 6:
A day to feel and experience the volcanic origins of the Azores, swim in a thermal pool, taste different types of water and enjoy the astonishing landscape of this magical place. The route begins in the centre of Furnas and continues along a road that leads to Furnas Lake. Next is Caldeiras da Lagoa. This is where natural hot springs are used as ovens. It’s traditional for locals to boil (only with steam) a meat and vegetable stew, known as cozido, in huge pots placed underground for up to seven hours. After this brief stop you are able to enjoy some majestic views of the hills and lake while circling along the lake’s shore. On the way back to Furnas you’ll retrace your pedal strokes a little so as to make sure you arrive back at Caldeiras da Lagoa in time to see the cozido being removed from the earth at the fumaroles. Once back at the hotel, you will be able to taste the cozido at the hotel’s restaurant over lunchtime. *(if reserved 24 hours in advance). Following lunch you have the opportunity to explore the superb botanical gardens of the hotel and then take a relaxing swim in an iron-rich thermally heated swimming pool. Your accommodation tonight will once again be in Furnas with your evening meal taken no doubt at the hotel. There is no better way to end your day here than donning your hotel robe and wandering to the pool for a final dip before heading to bed. Should you want a few more miles / kms today there are some steep sections to take on should you wish, with the extra distance very much up to the individual rider(s).

Day 7:
To make things a little easier on the legs today we have arranged a transfer to the higher reaches ( but not all the way!) to Salto do Cavalo (view point with the best views over Furnas village and the coast). From here you will be cycling through the countryside of Nordeste and during the ride will pass along the base of the highest peak of São Miguel (Pico Vara – 1105 Metres) witnessing some incredible views, stretching over the whole of the island and far out to sea. From Salto do Cavalo you take an initial section which is simply gorgeous – a long winding lane of plane trees to take us very gradually uphill. On reaching the asphalt you continue uphill (a little steeper), now on asphalt until you reach the reserve of Tronqueira. From here you switch to a well packed non technical trail that edges your way upwards a little further. It is a very steady climb with no major steep sections, so time to select one of the lower gears and get in the groove. Once at the top you are in for a real treat!! From here it is all downhill to Nordeste. As with the up it is on a smooth wide trail and although ‘off road’ is within the grading of this trip and has no very steep sections along the way. Once at Nordeste it is certainly time for lunch (unless you’ve eaten it already!) and a wander around this small town on the north east of the island and although not exactly bursting with eating options, it does have a nice cafe for simple yet tasty meals and drinks. It’s here we will meet you and load up for the return to Ponta Delgada. On the way we will stop firstly at Ribeira dos Caldeirões to check out the waterfalls, water mill and levadas before continuing along the coast to the Gorreana Tea Factory and taste the local tea. This tea plantation follows traditional methods of tea production and is renowned throughout the world for the production of organic tea (especially Green Tea) from the camellia sinensis plant famous for its antioxidant properties. Accommodation tonight is in Ponta Delgada# at the same hotel as earlier in the week. NB : Should you wish to stay in Nordeste at the end of the Day 7, this can be arranged instead of staying at Ponta Delgada. Accommodation would be at a great hotel with swimming pool, superb views and excellent restaurant. This however would need to be arranged on booking the trip and please do bear in mind that this adds around one hour to the airport transfer time on the final day and that there would be no option to visit the waterfalls etc at Ribeira dos Caldeirões or the Gorreana Tea Factory during your airport transfer if catching early morning flights.

Day 8:
Sadly your time in the Azores is at an end and with most flights to Europe leaving early morning, there is just time for an early breakfast before we transfer you to Ponta Delgada Airport (PDL) for your return flights.

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